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Spot On Presents: dev.stage.litium

A Litium conference for developers

In collaboration with Litium, Spot On are hosting a conference, where we plan to discuss the technical possibilities of Litium from a developer perspective. The conference will offer interesting speakers, intriguing discussions and a lot of inspiration for you who build Litium-solutions.  


A meeting place for Litium developers

We at Spot On are always interested in collaborations with other partners and developers of the platforms we’re working with. That is why we want to meet with all of you and create a platform of sharing and learning, so that all of us can create as great Litium solutions as possible! This is an opportunity to grow together!


When, where & how

  • Gothenburg
  • Fall 2020 (exact date will be presented soon).
  • Litium and Spot On are hosting this event together.

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