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Välkommen Tom!

En dag knackade det på dörren till vårt kontor i Jönköping. Utanför stod en kille med ett CV och en önskan om att få komma in på en arbetsintervju. Lite ovanligt kanske men efter intervju och tester så fanns det förstås inget att tveka på. Direkt från Belgien till oss på Spot On - låt oss presentera vår senaste kompis frontend-utvecklaren Tom Holsters!

Hej Tom, ska vi köra intervjun på svenska or in English?

- Vi kanske kan blanda lite? You'll write the questions in Swedish and I'll answer in English and some Swedish words I picked up. :) 

Cool - så gör vi. Vad gjorde du innan du kom till Sverige och Spot On?

- I previously worked for a medium sized consulting company of about 150 people as a web developer. I specialized in front end; mainly focusing on semantic HTML, CSS and accessibility. Consulting in Belgium is extremely competitive, so we had very strict deadlines, but I worked with a lot of amazing and competent people, so it was actually very nice. Since Belgium is a small country, all our friends and family lived very close to us (max 20km away) so until COVID, we saw each other quite often.

Vad skulle du säga är den största skillnaden mellan Sverige och Belgien som länder?


And the amount of open space. I lived close to Antwerp, where isn't much green left. So every time it doesn't rain for 5 minutes, everyone is going to the same parks, walking the same route and biking the same roads, so it always feels crowded. Here we can go for a hike in a popular place for 2 hours and still only encounter 3 people. It's very relaxing.

Vad gör du på fritiden? 

- I love spending time with my family and we love to get out in nature and go for hikes with our dog. I also hope to get some more snowboarding done. Besides that I also do improv theatre. Although I only speak about 20 words of Swedish, I recently joined an improv group in Borås. Nobody (including me) actually thought I'd make it through the audition, but it seems I did something right. For now I mainly play in English, but I hope to switch to Swedish as soon as possible!

Det bästa med att jobba som utvecklare är....

...I love to solve problems for people, make things better and easier. I think the best part is you never stop learning – there is always some new technology or design trend on the horizon. I love solving puzzles and I actually get paid to do that!

Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev

Sugen på att jobba hos oss?

Vi letar alltid efter spännande talanger, erfarna mästare och alla som befinner sig någonstans mitt i. Är det du? 

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